Dear Friend:

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your State Senator representing the people of New Haven/West Haven, and with your help, we have made progress in our region and throughout the state.

As you know, Connecticut has the strictest campaign laws in the country and a system of public financing for those who qualify. Because I am unopposed, I will not participate in this system because the costs of fundraising far outweigh the benefit of participation. It still however will be necessary for me to raise some funds for election expenditures such as maintenance of my new website:, Election Day expenses, literature, signage, accounting services, mailings, postage etc.

During these tough economic times, I am cognizant of the fact that people do not have the same financial capabilities as they have had in the past. .

By not participating in the Citizen Election Program, I will still be able to accept political donations up to $1000 from non-lobbyists and $100 from lobbyists.

I would encourage you to explore this website for Harp 2012 events and activities and if you wish, you can donate online.

Your contribution will allow me to run and continue to represent you for the next two years. Please send your contribution to Harp 2012 today! Thank you again for your continued support. With your help, I will be well on my way to continuing as your State Senator and working hard for our 10th Senatorial District.

Very truly yours,


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